Monday, 14 March 2011

Afternoon Tea

Louisa and I went to a meeting of the Contemporary Quilt group of the Quilters' Guild yesterday. It was held in London, not far from the British Museum. We decided to treat ourselves to afternoon tea in the restaurant there, so when the meeting finished we hurried off down a very windy Tottenham Court Road.
The prices in the Great Court Restaurant match the height of its position high up above the historic Reading Room of the Museum. Feeling appropriately decadent we tucked in to the miniature sandwiches and patisseries that were beautifully presented for us by the battalion of black-clad waiters.

Louisa with a cup of Assam tea, and a cake stand with scones, cream, jam, sandwiches and cakes.

I took some close-up pictures of some of my cakes.

You can see why the macaroon appealed to me; exactly my own color scheme, plus all those lines of texture and pattern just crying out to be reproduced in a quilt!

See how my scarf  co-ordinates with the cake?


  1. Wow! That reminded me of that lovely lunch you treated me in the V&A so many years back!Nice to see you out and about!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. Yes, I was telling Louisa about that lunch at the V&A just recently, and how you collected the cider bottle label!
    I was feeling really well on Saturday, but John was pleased that I had Louisa as my companion for the day; she knows what to do in an emergency!

  3. Saw your pic while looking for setting ideas for my Afternoon Tea quilt. You look so happy and cute, brought a smile to my face! Thanks!

  4. Glad you enjoyed it. I must organise my friends to do something like this again soon.