Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Sociable 'guerillas'.

My friend Lou and I have decided to do something positive about all the plastic bags that seem to be taking over the world. So we have formed a 'pod' of so-called 'sociable guerillas' to make cloth bags to give away to people.
Here I am at my sewing machine, looking all organised and tidy!

Lou has made sure she's put her mug of tea on the coaster from Australia; she has dual nationality, so she's happy to wave either flag! 
Our workspace looks impressive, but really we had fabric and bits all over the place.

Here we are with the five bags we made in the afternoon. We're meeting up again on Thursday to make some more. We want to give them to other members of Village Green Quilters ( when we meet the week before Easter. I don't know how many we can make before then!
We didn't get this idea out of our own heads. It came from having met the morsbags people at the Festival of Quilts in 2009. Claire Morsman had this idea when she found the body of a dead bird tangled in an old plastic bag. She started making cloth bags from recycled fabric, and giving them away outside her local supermarket. The idea has mushroomed, and the tally of morsbags now made is 87447, and increasing minute by minute! For more info, see


  1. Now that's inspirational and so environmentally friendly and you and Lou are so generous to be making these!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. @Tangled Threads
    I'd like to join follow your blog!
    I remember sewing a laundry bag for my son when he went on a "snow trip" with his class...
    Seychelles in France

  3. I'd love to have you as a follower! I think you have to click on the button 'follow'and then it signs you up. As I am new to this, I'm not sure how it works. If in doubt, contact Ariadne; she has lots of followers, so she must know what they do!