Tuesday, 8 March 2011

A new venture.

In the past I've tried to start a blog, but have failed because I've felt I had to write lots to keep people's interest. Lately I've been inspired by looking at my friend Ariadne's blog (ariadnefromgreece) She lets her pictures speak for her, which is a brilliant idea (a picture speaks a thousand words) so I've decided to follow her example.When I feel like doing more writing I will, but to begin with I'm going to post some pictures.

Here I am relaxing after helping John (my DH) to put our tent up last September in Dijon.
We camped by a lake, and the weather was very hot. I love the freedom of holidaying in a tent. I've been a tent camper since I was six months old.

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  1. I am happy you started a blog and am so honoured that you got inspired from mine!I am looking forward to reading yours!AriadnefromGreece!