Monday, 14 March 2011

Wool from 'unravel'

I have very poor circulation in my hands (Raynauds condition) so have to keep my hands warm all the time. I've bought some fine wool yarn to knit into cuffs to wear under my gloves.
This yarn is space dyed, which means that the colour changes as the ball unwinds. I love pinks, purples and lavender shades. Much of my wardrobe is in these colours. This means it's always easy to pick out clothes that co-ordinate well!
I like to knit when I have no hand sewing I can do. It's so easy to pick up and do anywhere: in front of the TV; when I travel on a train; while waiting for hospital appointments...........
I used to knit when I lived in Shetland, where I learnt how to knit Fair Isle yokes on jumpers. There are  no written patterns for those designs! You had to just look at a finished garment and copy it, working out the shaping towards the neck, etc.
I prefer to knit small things, like accessories, or baby clothing. Adult-sized garments take too long and I get bored before they are finished.
When I visited the 'unravel' knitting event in Farnham a couple of weeks ago, there were masses of patterns and ideas for adult clothing, as well as bag designs, accessories, and a few interesting ideas like knitted jewellery (if you can call it that!)

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